PSD2 Sandbox developers guide

This documentation covers general principles, workflow as well as API functional and technical details. However, request and response attributes, their descriptions and examples for specific API endpoints, are provided in Api browser and Api Explorer.

All PSD2 APIs are implemented using RESTful architecture style. For all requests and responses, only JSON format could be used. In order to join PSD2 API sandbox environment, please follow the following steps:

  • You need to create Qualified website authentication certificate (QWAC) using this page. You can use your own domain if you want authorization code to be posted back, otherwise you will get it using callback emulator.
  • Install the certificate to your personal certificate store. Once you get it installed to your computer you will be recognized as a registered PSD2 Sandbox Third Party Provider.
  • Now you can access API Documentation and API Explorer

PSU Authentication with OAUTH2

Payment Service User (PSU) authentication is implemented via OAuth2 authorization framework. Authentication URLs for OAuth2 initiation can be obtained from Authorization API from API Explorer.